Version history

Version 1.81, 12 March 2008

Version 1.8, 12 October 2007

Version 1.7, 30 May 2007

Version 1.6, 30 August 2006

Version 1.54, 6 May 2006

  • Corrected bug in Gfx_SetClipping
  • Corrected minor bugs in hgeGUI
  • Added implementation for constructors/destructors/operators in hgeSprite and hgeAnimation
  • Upgraded to BASS 2.2
  • New HGE functions: Channel_SetPos, Channel_GetPos, Channel_GetLength
  • Corrected framerate inconsistency in hgeAnimation
  • Fixed compiler compatibility issues. HGE should now work with Visual Studio, GCC, and Borland C++. As a side-effect, the hgeValue union has been eliminated.
  • String system states now have the const attribute

Version 1.53, 26 May 2005

  • Minor bugs in hgeGUI fixed
  • Global "HGE *hge" pointer is not required anymore for helper classes to work
  • Most of helper classes now have proper copy constructors and assignment operators for easy objects cloning
  • HGE core functions and helper class methods now have const arguments where appropriate
  • Timer_GetTime now returns time elapsed since System_Initiate call, not since System_Start as earlier
  • HGE_HIDEMOUSE system state added
  • HGE_HWNDPARENT system state added allowing to run HGE in a child window. See details here.
  • Changing HGE_TEXTUREFILTER system state now flushes previously accumulated graphics
  • File paths now can be used with forward and back slashes within both resource packs and disk folders
  • Resource_AttachPack now takes additional password parameter allowing to encrypt your resources
  • HGE version and execution date are now written into log-file at startup
  • HGE window doesn't flicker now at shutdown

Version 1.52, 11 January 2005

Version 1.51, 2 January 2005

  • If the disk HGE starts from is write protected, log file access resulted in crash. Fixed now.
  • Fast InvSqrt routine implementation was moved from hgevector.h to hgehelp.lib for better compilers support
  • Resource_Load failed to load files with a path from resource pack. Fixed now.
  • Minor bugfixes in hgeResourceManager
  • hgeResourceManager::GetStream added
  • Backbuffer is now cleared at startup
  • Texture_Load now supports usage of compressed DDS textures which result in better performance and lower video memory requirements

Version 1.5, 29 December 2004

Version 1.4, 8 April 2004

Version 1.3, 12 March 2004

  • System_GetVersion was removed
  • hgeCreate now takes the API version as a parameter
  • hgeCreate name is now not distorted in the DLL. So you can load HGE.DLL dynamically with LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress calls
  • hgeDistortionMesh helper class and tutorial were added
  • hgeParticleManager helper class was added
  • hgeParticleSystem new methods: FireAt, Transpose and GetAge
  • Particle Systems Editor was updated to the latest HGE, it runs more smoothly now
  • Particle systems tutorial was updated
  • hgeAnimation new methods: SetMode (forward, reverse, ping pong, loop) and Resume; Play now takes no parameters
  • hgeGUI and hgeGUIObject classes were improved to allow highly interactive animated GUIs
  • GUI tutorial was added
  • Color manipulation macros were added (see Hardware color format)
  • HGE_FPS system state was added allowing you to use fixed FPS mode
  • HGE_DONTSUSPEND system state added allowing you to disable application suspending when focus is lost
  • HGE_EXITFUNC system state was added allowing you to handle user's attempts to close the application window
  • Gfx_RenderLine function was added
  • You can omit now the size parameter of Resource_Load function
  • Effect_Load, Music_Load and Texture_Load can now load dynamically generated resources from memory
  • Non power of 2 textures are now padded to the correct size, not stretched as earlier (see Texture_Load)
  • Font bitmap filename in the font description file is now treated relatively to the font description file folder
  • Fixed a bug in hgeRect::Intersect
  • Key_GetKey and Mouse_GetWheel now return changes since last frame and hold the value regardless how many times they are called during the frame
  • Key_GetKey now deals correctly with mouse button double clicks and middle mouse button
  • System_Rand now starts with random seed
  • HGE now freezes the timer when focus is lost and the application is suspended
  • In windowed mode the window is now opened at the default position, not at the top-left corner of the desktop as earlier
  • HGE startup and shutdown in fullscreen mode now look more nice
  • Debug logging was extended
  • Various documentation fixes and updates

Version 1.2, 8 February 2004

  • HGE core functions (system layer) are now wrapped into the DLL
  • Libraries for Visual C++/Intel C++, Borland C++/C++ Builder and MinGW32 were added
  • Interface_Get/Interface_Release were replaced with hgeCreate/Release
  • System_LoadResource was renamed to Resource_Load, Resource_Free was added
  • Rectangular clipping regions were added (Gfx_SetClipping)
  • Mouse wheel tracking was added (Mouse_GetWheel)
  • Key_Clear was removed
  • Font scaling was added (hgeFont::SetScale)
  • Sprite flipping was added (hgeSprite::SetFlip)
  • Minor optimizations
  • Various documentation updates
  • Precompiled tutorials

Version 1.1, 15 January 2004

  • First public release
  • Tested on various hardware
  • Helper classes were added
  • Particle systems editor was added
  • Documentation was added

Version 1.0, 28 November 2003

  • Preliminary internal version