hgeParticleSystem helper class

hgeParticleSystem is a HGE helper class for advanced 2D particle systems.

hgeParticleSystem methods

Constructors Create and initalize hgeParticleSystem object.
Operators hgeParticleSystem operators.
Update Updates particle system.
MoveTo Moves particle system to a new position.
Transpose Adds constant coordinates shift.
SetScale Scales the particle system.
FireAt Fires particle system at the specified screen position.
Fire Fires particle system.
Stop Stops particle system.
Render Renders particle system to the screen.
TrackBoundingBox Turns particle system's bounding box tracking on/off.
GetBoundingBox Returns current particle system bounding box.
GetParticlesAlive Returns current number of active particles.
GetPosition Returns current particle system position.
GetTransposition Returns current particle system coordinates shift.
GetScale Returns the current scale of the particle system.
GetAge Returns the particle system's age.

Related information

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Header: hgeparticle.h
Import library: hgehelp.lib

See also

hgeParticleManager, HGE Particle Systems Editor