hgeSprite helper class

hgeSprite is a HGE helper class for sprite entities.

hgeSprite methods

Constructors Create and initalize a hgeSprite object.
Operators hgeSprite operators.
Render Renders sprite to the screen.
RenderEx Renders sprite with scaling and rotation.
RenderStretch Renders stretched sprite.
Render4V Renders sprite into arbitrary quad on the screen.
SetTexture Sets the texture to use for the sprite.
SetTextureRect Sets the texture region to use for the sprite.
SetColor Sets tint and alpha for the specified vertex or entire sprite.
SetZ Sets Z-order for the specified vertex or entire sprite.
SetBlendMode Sets the sprite blending mode.
SetHotSpot Sets the sprite anchor point.
SetFlip Flips the sprite horizontally and/or vertically.
GetTexture Returns the current sprite texture.
GetTextureRect Returns the current texture region used for the sprite.
GetColor Returns color of the specified sprite vertex.
GetZ Returns Z-order of the specified sprite vertex.
GetBlendMode Returns the current sprite blending mode.
GetHotSpot Returns the sprite anchor point.
GetFlip Returns the current sprite flipping.
GetWidth Returns the sprite width.
GetHeight Returns the sprite height.
GetBoundingBox Returns the sprite bounding box.
GetBoundingBoxEx Returns the scaled and rotated sprite bounding box.


Header: hgesprite.h
Import library: hgehelp.lib

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