Here you'll find some HGE code examples we provided for you to start developing easier.

Tutorial 01 - Minimal HGE application
Shows how to set up and run HGE engine. Except that does nothing :)
Tutorial 02 - Input, sound and rendering
Shows how to use input and sound routines, how to set up and render
quads. Creates a simple "game".
Tutorial 03 - Using helper classes
Shows how to use hgeSprite, hgeFont and hgeParticleSystem helper
classes. Modifies the "game" from Tutorial 02.
Tutorial 04 - Rendering to texture
Shows how to use render targets. Further upgrades the "game" from
Tutorials 02 and 03.
Tutorial 05 - Using distortion mesh
Shows how to use hgeDistortionMesh helper class.
Tutorial 06 - Creating menus
An example of how to create highly interactive in-game menus using
hgeGUI and hgeGUIObject classes.
Tutorial 07 - Thousand of Hares
Shows HGE rendering power and usage of various blending modes and tinting.
Tutorial 08 - The Big Calm
Shows special effects usage and complex lighting simulation.