hgeGUI helper class

hgeGUI is a HGE helper class for creating and managing user interfaces.

hgeGUI methods

Constructor Creates and initializes hgeGUI object.
AddCtrl Adds a control to the GUI.
DelCtrl Removes a control from GUI.
GetCtrl Returns a pointer to the control from it's identificator.
MoveCtrl Moves a control.
ShowCtrl Shows or hides a control.
EnableCtrl Enables or disables a control.
SetNavMode Sets the GUI navigation mode.
SetCursor Sets the mouse cursor sprite.
SetColor Sets color of all GUI controls.
SetFocus Sets the keyboard input focus.
GetFocus Returns the current keyboard input focus.
Enter Starts GUI enter animation.
Leave Starts GUI leave animation.
Reset Resets GUI to a default state.
Move Moves all GUI controls to a new position.
Update Updates the GUI and processes user's input.
Render Renders GUI to the screen.

Related information

hgeGUIObject Abstract base class for custom GUI controls.
hgeGUIText Text GUI control class.
hgeGUIButton Button GUI control class.
hgeGUISlider Slider GUI control class.
hgeGUIListbox Listbox GUI control class.
Macros Macros for default controls management.


Header: hgegui.h
Import library: hgehelp.lib