hgeFont helper class

hgeFont is a HGE helper class for rendering text with bitmap fonts.

hgeFont methods

Constructor Creates and initalizes hgeFont object.
Render Renders a text string to the screen.
printf Renders a formatted text string.
printfb Renders a formatted text string into a specified rectangle.
SetColor Sets the font color.
SetZ Sets the font Z-order.
SetBlendMode Sets the font blending mode.
SetScale Sets the font scaling.
SetProportion Sets the font proportion.
SetRotation Sets the letters rotation.
SetTracking Sets the font tracking.
SetSpacing Sets the font line spacing.
GetColor Returns the current font color.
GetZ Returns the current font Z-order.
GetBlendMode Returns the current font blending mode.
GetScale Returns the current font scaling.
GetProportion Returns the current font proportion.
GetRotation Returns the current letters rotation.
GetTracking Returns the current font tracking.
GetSpacing Returns the current font line spacing.
GetSprite Returns a specified character hgeSprite object.
GetPreWidth Returns the offset before the sprite of the specified character.
GetPostWidth Returns the offset after the sprite of the specified character.
GetStringWidth Returns a string width in pixels.
GetHeight Returns font height in pixels.

Related information

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Header: hgefont.h
Import library: hgehelp.lib