hgeGUIObject helper class

hgeGUIObject is an abstract class used to define custom GUI controls. The default classes hgeGUIText, hgeGUIButton and hgeGUISlider are derived from it. You can create your own controls deriving their classes from hgeGUIObject.

All the methods of hgeGUIObject are virtual. If you don't need some of the methods, you could just use defaults and not redefine them. The only methods you must define in a derived class are Constuctor and Render. You could also use virtual destructor.

hgeGUIObject methods

Constructor Should initialize hgeGUIObject object.
Render Should render the control to the screen.
Update Is called each GUI update to allow control animation.
Enter Is called when the GUI is about to appear on the screen.
Leave Is called when the GUI is about to disappear from the screen.
Reset Is called when the user requests GUI to be reset in default state.
IsDone Used to test if the control has finished it's Enter/Leave animation.
Focus Is called when the control gains or loses keyboard input focus.
MouseOver Is called when the mouse cursor enters/leaves the control's area.
MouseMove Notifies the control of mouse movements.
MouseLButton Notifies the control of left mouse button state changes.
MouseRButton Notifies the control of right mouse button state changes.
MouseWheel Notifies the control of mouse wheel shift.
KeyClick Notifies the control of pressed keys.
SetColor Is called when user requests to change the control's color.

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Header: hgegui.h