hgeAnimation helper class

hgeAnimation is a HGE helper class for animated sprite entities. It is derived from hgeSprite class, so you can use all hgeSprite methods with hgeAnimation.

hgeAnimation methods

Constructors Create and initalize hgeAnimation object.
Operators hgeAnimation operators.
Play Starts playing animation.
Stop Stops playing animation.
Resume Resumes animation.
Update Updates animation.
IsPlaying Tests if animation is playing.
SetMode Sets the playback mode.
SetSpeed Sets the playback speed.
SetFrame Sets the current animation frame.
SetFrames Sets the overall number of animation frames.
GetMode Returns the current playback mode.
GetSpeed Returns the current playback speed.
GetFrame Returns the current animation frame.
GetFrames Returns the overall number of animation frames.


Header: hgeanim.h
Import library: hgehelp.lib

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