Dev C++ 5

1. Create blank Win32 Application project

Open File->New->Project...->Basic dialog tab. Type in your project name and select Windows Application icon:

Create project dialog

Press Ok.

On the next screen select or create a folder for your project and press Save:

Save project dialog

2. Set headers and libraries path

Open Project->Project Options->Directories dialog tab and select Library Directories sub-tab. Press ... button, browse for HGE "lib\gcc" directory and press Ok. Then press Add:

Library Directories

Now select Include Directories sub-tab and repeat the operation for HGE "include" directory:

Include Directories

Don't press Ok for now.

3. Add libraries to the project

In the same dialog select Parameters tab, press Add Library or Object button, browse for "hge.a" and press Open. Repeat the same for "hgehelp.a":

Adding import libraries to a project

Press Ok.

4. Start coding!

Include hge.h to access HGE functions. See Tutorials section for basic code examples.