Borland C++ Builder 4

1. Create blank Win32 Application project

Open File->New..., choose Console Wizard from New dialog tab and press OK:

Create blank project

In next window select Window [GUI] from Window Type box and press Finish:

Console Application Wizard

2. Set headers and libraries path

Open Project->Options..., select Directories/Conditionals dialog tab and open ... button to type locations for Include path:

Project Options

Find HGE "include" folder and press Add, and OK:


Repeat this operation for Library path, typing HGE "lib\bc" folder.

3. Add libraries to the project

Open Project->Add to Project..., and type the path of hge.lib and hgehelp.lib files in HGE "lib\bc" folder:


4. Start coding!

Include hge.h to access HGE functions. See Tutorials section for basic code examples.