Package contents

HGE 1.81 archive should contain these files:

hge.dll		  HGE 1.81 library DLL
bass.dll		  BASS 2.3 library DLL
license.txt	  HGE licensing information
readme.txt	  Brief HGE overview
doc\		  HGE online documentation
  html\		    Documentation files
  index.html	    Documentation index
include\		  HGE headers
  hge.h		    System layer header
  hgeanim.h	    hgeAnimation class header
  hgecolor.h	    hgeColor class header
  hgedistort.h	    hgeDistortionMesh class header
  hgefont.h	    hgeFont class header
  hgegui.h	    hgeGUI and hgeGUIObject classes header
  hgeguictrls.h	    Default GUI controls header
  hgeparticle.h 	    hgeParticleSystem class header
  hgerect.h	    hgeRect class header
  hgeresource.h	    hgeResourceManager class header
  hgesprite.h	    hgeSprite class header
  hgestrings.h	    hgeStringTable class header
  hgevector.h	    hgeVector class header
lib\		  HGE import libraries
  bc\		    Libraries for Borland C++/C++ Builder
    hge.lib	      HGE system layer library
    hgehelp.lib	      HGE helper classes library [not included]
  gcc\		    Libraries for MinGW/Dev-C++
    hge.a		      HGE system layer library
    hgehelp.a	      HGE helper classes library [not included]
  vc\		    Libraries for VC++/Intel C++/Codewarrior
    hge.lib	      HGE system layer library
    hgehelp.lib	      HGE helper classes library
src\		  HGE source code
  core\		    System Layer source code
  fontconv\	    Font Converter source code
  fonted\		    Bitmap Font Builder source code
  helpers\	    Helper Classes source code
  particleed\	    Particle Systems Editor source code
  pngopt\		    PNG Optimizer source code
  texasm\		    Texture Assembler source code
tools\		  HGE authoring tools
  fonted\		    HGE Bitmap Font Builder
    fontconv.exe	      Command line font converter
    fonted.exe	      Bitmap Font Builder executable
    fonted.ini	      Bitmap Font Builder initialization file
    fonted.paq	      Bitmap Font Builder resource pack
    hge.dll	      HGE 1.81 library DLL
  particleed\	    HGE Particle Systems Editor
    hge.dll	      HGE 1.81 library DLL
    particle1.psi	      Default preset #1
    particle2.psi	      Default preset #2
    particle3.psi	      Default preset #3
    particle4.psi	      Default preset #4
    particle5.psi	      Default preset #5
    particle6.psi	      Default preset #6
    particle7.psi	      Default preset #7
    particle8.psi	      Default preset #8
    particle9.psi	      Default preset #9
    particleed.exe	      PS Editor executable
    particleed.ini	      PS Editor initialization file
    particleed.paq	      PS Editor resource pack
    particles.png	      Particle textures
  pngopt\		    PNG Optimizer
    hge.dll	      HGE 1.81 library DLL
    pngopt.exe	      PNG Optimizer executable
    texasm.exe	      Texture Assembler executable
tutorials\	  HGE code examples
  precompiled\	    Precompiled tutorials and the media files
    hge_tut01.exe	      Precompiled Tutorial 01
    hge_tut02.exe	      Precompiled Tutorial 02
    hge_tut03.exe	      Precompiled Tutorial 03
    hge_tut04.exe	      Precompiled Tutorial 04
    hge_tut05.exe	      Precompiled Tutorial 05
    hge_tut06.exe	      Precompiled Tutorial 06
    hge_tut07.exe	      Precompiled Tutorial 07
    hge_tut08.exe	      Precompiled Tutorial 08
    hge.dll	      HGE 1.81 library DLL
    bass.dll	      BASS 2.3 library DLL
    bg.png	      Background tile
    bg2.png	      Background tile 2
    cursor.png	      Mouse cursor image
    font1.fnt	      Font 1 description file
    font1.png	      Font 1 bitmap file
    font2.fnt	      Font 2 description file
    font2.png	      Font 2 bitmap file
    objects.png	      Celestial bodies sprites
    particles.png	      A set of particle sprites
    zazaka.png	      Pink Hare sprite
    texture.jpg	      An image used for distortion
    trail.psi	      Particle system preset
    menu.wav	      A sound effect
  tutorial01\	    Tutorial 01 - Minimal HGE application
    hge_tut01.cpp	      Source code
    hge_tut01.dsp	      VC6 Project file
    hge_tut01.dsw	      VC6 Workspace
  tutorial02\	    Tutorial 02 - Input, sound and rendering
    hge_tut02.cpp	      Source code
    hge_tut02.dsp	      VC6 Project file
    hge_tut02.dsw	      VC6 Workspace
  tutorial03\	    Tutorial 03 - Using helper classes
    hge_tut03.cpp	      Source code
    hge_tut03.dsp	      VC6 Project file
    hge_tut03.dsw	      VC6 Workspace
  tutorial04\	    Tutorial 04 - Using render targets
    hge_tut04.cpp	      Source code
    hge_tut04.dsp	      VC6 Project file
    hge_tut04.dsw	      VC6 Workspace
  tutorial05\	    Tutorial 05 - Using distortion mesh
    hge_tut05.cpp	      Source code
    hge_tut05.dsp	      VC6 Project file
    hge_tut05.dsw	      VC6 Workspace
  tutorial06\	    Tutorial 06 - Creating menus
    hge_tut06.cpp	      Source code
    hge_tut06.dsp	      VC6 Project file
    hge_tut06.dsw	      VC6 Workspace
    menuitem.cpp	      Custom GUI control implementation
    menuitem.h	      Custom GUI control header
  tutorial07\	    Tutorial 07 - Thousand of Hares
    hge_tut07.cpp	      Source code
    hge_tut07.dsp	      VC6 Project file
    hge_tut07.dsw	      VC6 Workspace
  tutorial08\	    Tutorial 08 - The Big Calm
    hge_tut08.cpp	      Source code
    hge_tut08.dsp	      VC6 Project file
    hge_tut08.dsw	      VC6 Workspace