String table file format

This file must be passed to the hgeStringTable constructor. It is just plain text file that contains definitions of text strings you would like to use in your game.

Holding your strings in a separate file gives two advantages. First, your designers may alter the strings during whole development process without disturbing your programmers. Second, this approach makes localization for different countries much easier.

The first line of the file should contain the string table file marker:


Then should follow the strings definitions, like this:

StringName="The string itself"

You may have as much strings in a single file as you wish. The string names are case sensitive and no whitespaces are allowed within them. The maximum string name length is 63 characters. All extra characters are ignored.

The string values should be enclosed into double quotes ("). They can be placed on several lines, whitespaces at the begin and the end of each line are ignored:

Chapter1Story =
  "Once upon a time in a deep deep forest there was a hero
   of unbelievable strength. His glory spread around the
   world faster than light."

Three special characters can be used via '\' prefix: '\n' - line break, '\"' - double quotes, '\\' - the backslash itself. Also you may use printf specificators. They are not parsed by hgeStringTable class and returned by GetString function as is:

OutOfRange =
  "Player \"%s\" is out of range.\nUse the radar to locate him."

You may place comments with ";" symbol. The rest of the line after this symbol will be ignored.

; Comments
; look like this