Initializes all hardware and software needed to run engine and creates application window.

bool System_Initiate();

Return value

If successful, returns true. Otherwise returns false.


Before calling this function set desired system states with System_SetState calls. Although most of them have appropriate default values and/or can be changed later, at least HGE_FRAMEFUNC must be set.

Timer_*, Effect_*, Music_*, Stream_*, Channel_*, Input_*, Gfx_*, Target_* and Texture_* functions are unavailable before the system is initiated. All other HGE functions can be used at any time.

If the function fails, you may obtain error message with System_GetErrorMessage function. Also if HGE_LOGFILE system state was set, the error message is written to log.

Before program exit you must call System_Shutdown to restore video mode and free all allocated resources.


Header: hge.h
Import library: hge.lib

See also

System_SetState, System_GetErrorMessage, System_Shutdown