Attaches a resource pack.

bool Resource_AttachPack(
  const char *filename,
  const char *password = 0


Resource pack file name (relative to application folder or absolute).
Optional password.

Return value

If successful, returns true. Otherwise returns false.


If the function fails, you may obtain error message with System_GetErrorMessage function. Also if HGE_LOGFILE system state was set, the error message is written to log.

When loading a resource, packs attached later have higher priority. See Compiling resource pack section for more information on resource packs.

When the resource pack isn't needed longer, you must remove it with Resource_RemovePack call. All unremoved packs are automatically deleted during Release call.


Header: hge.h
Import library: hge.lib

See also

Resource_RemovePack, Resource_RemoveAllPacks, Resource_Load,
Compiling resource pack