Renders a triple.

void Gfx_RenderTriple(
  const hgeTriple *triple


Pointer to a hgeTriple structure, describing the triple to be rendered.


Gfx_RenderTriple function must be called between the Gfx_BeginScene and Gfx_EndScene calls.

Triple is the basic HGE graphic primitive. See Triple structure section for more information about triples. If tex field of triple is 0, white color is used as texture data. Also note that each of 3 triple's vertices can have it's own color, alpha and Z-order. Triples are automatically adjusted to allow perfect rendering of joint quads without any additional screen and texture coordinates tweaking.

For performance reasons Gfx_RenderTriple accumulates consecutive triples with the same texture and blending mode and then renders them with a single call to DirectX. In most cases you will not see any difference and don't have to deal with this batching at all. But to be sure and safe it is recommended to group your Gfx_RenderTriple calls by texture and blending mode.


Header: hge.h
Import library: hge.lib

See also

Gfx_BeginScene, Gfx_EndScene, Triple structure