Using HGE Bitmap Font Builder interface

General information and controls

The current font texture dimensions are displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. Place mouse cursor over a character to display it's parameters in the lower right corner of the screen. Drag the texture with left mouse button to view it's parts that are currently out of screen.

The Escape key quits the editor.

Note that HGE fonts consist of two files: a description and a bitmap.

Also bear in mind that once you've generated a bitmap font, you could apply any additional effects to it, using your graphics editor.

Font Parameters

This group of parameters define the font attributes:

The list of fonts installed in the system. Choose one that you'd like to use in your game. To scroll the list you can use the slider, mouse wheel and up/down arrow keys (after clicking inside the list).
Whether to use bold font style.
Whether to use italic font style.
Whether to antialias character outlines or not. Note that most fonts have a range of sizes in which antialiasing will not work even if requested. This probably will be fixed in later revisions. For now you could choose another font or make it's size a bit smaller/larger (you may scale it back when using in HGE) to get antialiased bitmap.
Specifies the desired font height in pixels.
Characters range
Specifies the range of characters to be included in the font. Click and drag over the characters you need.

Commands & Info

Under this name various editor's information and commands are placed:

Show grid
If this check box is activated, each character's bounding box is displayed. Having this option turned on you may see 1-pixel gaps between characters. These are to allow defect free scaling of the font in HGE.
Opens standard Windows Save As... dialog window. Choose a path and filename to save the font to. Note that two files are saved: font description and font bitmap.
Display quick help.
Quit the editor.